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From January 8th to March 19th the Napoleon Rooms won't be available

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Da Brooklyn al Bargello: Giovanni della Robbia, la lunetta Antinori di Stefano Arienti
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Tissue and richness in Florence in the XIV century. Wool, silk and painting.

From December 5th, 2017 to March 18th, 2018

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Palazzo Davanzati

Museo della Casa Fiorentina Antica

Museo Palazzo Davanzati also known as Museo dell’Antica Casa Fiorentina was inaugurated as a state museum in 1956.

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From Monday to Sunday: 08.15am - 01.50pm - Last entrance 01.30pm

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Opening hours and ticketing:

The museum is closed the second and fourth Sunday of every month and is open the first, third and fifth; it is closed the first, third and fifth Monday of every month, open the second and fourth.

The museum adheres to free entry on the first Sunday of every month.


In order to know the price of tickets for a specific date, please select date, time of visit, and number and kind of tickets.



  • European citizens (EEC) aged 18 to 25 years old: reduced prices
  • European citizens (EEC)  under 18 years old: free tickets, but do require a reservation (*)
  • Under 18 years old (children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult): free tickets but do require a reservation (*)

(*) Reservation Fee: each reservation costs € 8.00


IMPORTANT: the tickets are absolutely NON-REFUNDABLE. 


If you must change the time and/or date after the confirmation has been issued, you have to pay a "modification fee" of € 8.00.


Disability Access

The museum is equipped with access devices for people with disabilities.The sidewalk is connected near the entrance on via Pellicceria. You must notify the staff (no bell available), who will provide a ramp at the entrance: from 12 cm to 6 cm up and down (the raised threshold). The elevator (adequate dimension, door 80cm) leads upstairs, all transitions between rooms have raised thresholds (maximum 6cm) which can be connected with ramps (ask the staff). Restrooms accessible on the ground floor.

Tactile Program

Available, by request, is a guide in braille. In the Parrot Room, a table is set up for the tactile program with reproductions of ancient  textile and majolicas with captions for blind and visually impaired.



The fourteenth-century Palazzo, once home to a wealthy merchant and banker family known as the Davizzi, presents its impressive façade over the piazza originally populated by ancient case-torre (tower-homes). 

Constructed in the mid 1300’s, the Palazzo is an amalgamation of these case-torre and other properties belonging to the Davizzi family.  However, the Palazzo owes its name to another family, the Davanzati, who, after purchasing the Palazzo in 1578, embellished the façade with a large coat of arms representing the dynastic family crest.

The Davanzati family lived here until 1838, the year marked by the tragic death of the last family heir Carlo.

In 1904, the Palazzo was purchased by the antiquarian Elia Volpi, who, after re-opening it in 1910 as Museo dell’antica casa fiorentina, deemed the building a stunning example of the exquisitely “Florentine” taste which, at the time, was much sought after by both Italians and foreigners. During the first half of the twentieth-century, however, the Palazzo witnessed a series of tumultuous sales, purchases and bankruptcies of antique dealers. 

This came to end in 1956 when the Palazzo was acquired by the Italian Stated and was re-opened as a public museum.  While the Palazzo remains endowed with the character of a medieval home, its present furnishings consist of works from the repositories of various Florentine galleries and by acquisitions and donations. Today, the museum houses a diverse collection of sculpture, painting, furniture, maoliche, and lace. 

The vast entrance of the loggia leads into a picturesque courtyard that provides access to the upper floors.  

On each floor, the arrangement of the rooms follows an identical floorplan: the Sala Madornale, corresponding to the entire length of the façade; the drawing room; the study; and a bedroom distinguished by open-beam ceilings and faux upholstery ornamentation. These domestic quarters, in addition to the various agiamenti (toilets or washrooms) and the kitchen on the third floor, not only illustrate the comforts of the noble families that lived in Palazzo Davanzati but also represents a magnificent and singular example of a medieval Florentine home.



Palazzo Davanzati

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