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From January 8th to March 19th the Napoleon Rooms won't be available

The "great" masterpieces (Pala Montefeltro d ......

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Da Brooklyn al Bargello: Giovanni della Robbia, la lunetta Antinori di Stefano Arienti
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Tissue and richness in Florence in the XIV century. Wool, silk and painting.

From December 5th, 2017 to March 18th, 2018

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Da Vinci Experience

Da Vinci Experience and his real machines

Da Vinci Experience is an immersive multimedia show, that recounts Leonardo's genius, his science and his eclecticism.

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From May 13th to October 8th, 2017 - Every day at 7.30pm

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Da Vinci Experience will enow visitors with unique emotions, thanks to a display that enhances the magnificient architectural structure of Santo Stefano al Ponte.


There will be only you,   immersed in the majesty of this ex-church, projected into the world of Leonardo, through hundreds of high definition images,  full HD video clips and a 360° Dolby Surroung soundtrack.


You could also experience 3D virtual reality experience through the Oculus VR, which will allow you to step inside, for instance, the armored vehicle and interact with its mechanisms and admire the flight of aerial screw.

Da Vinci Experience

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