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Helidon Xhixha: in Ordine Sparso

From June 27th to September 29th

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From Palazzo Vecchio to Uffizi Gallery

New route from Palazzo Vecchio to the Uffizi Gallery, through the Principe Route

This route allows visitors to visit Palazzo Vecchio Museum (excluding the excavations of the Roman Theater the Ronda Walk and the Tower) and the Uffizi Gallery (temporary exhibitions included).

The visit begins at Palazzo Vecchio, with direct access to the first floor of the museum (Salone dei Cinquecento).

Choose a date:

Opening Hours:

From Tuesday to Sunday 9.30am - 4.15pm. Thursdays 9.30am - 11.00am. Closed the first Sundays of each month, Juanary 1st and December 25th.

Next Exibitions:

Booking Terms:

The visit is allowed to maximum 25 PAX each entrance


Before the visit, it's mandatory to leave lagguage, handbag and umbrella at the Guardrobe at the groundfloor in Palazzo Vecchio Museum.  After the Uffizi's visit, you have to go back there before the closing time.


Guardrobe timeschedule:

July 5th - September 30th:  11.00pm

October 1st - January 14th:  07.00pm

The Thursdays: 02.00pm

The passage from Palazzo Vecchio to The Uffizi Galleries is at fixed time, as shown on the reservation.


At the time shown on the reservation, the visitors have to be in the Green Room od the Eleonora's Quarter, at the second floor of the Palazzo Vecchio Museum. Failure to respect this time will result in the loss of the right of access to the Uffizi.

In order to know the price of tickets for a specific date, please select date, time of visit, and number and kind of tickets.



  • European citizens (EEC) aged 18 to 25 years old: reduced prices
  • European citizens (EEC)  under 18 years old: free tickets, but do require a reservation (*)
  • Under 18 years old (children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult): free tickets but do require a reservation (*)

(*) Reservation Fee: each reservation costs € 8.00


Ordering Information

The order request have to be made with a minimum of 3 working days notice

To make the order request, please fill in the form online and submit it to The World Is Mine, using our secure server.


IMPORTANT: if you would like to visit the Museum with other person, please DO NOT SUBMIT DIFFERENT REQUESTS for each person, as the Museum will not guarantee that you can get in at the same time slot, unless you submit one combined request for all people involved.


Process of the bookings
Your order will be processed by The World Is Mine, and the total charge will be billed to your credit card by The World Is Mine, only if the order request will be confirmed.

After your  reservation, The World is Mine will send you two e-mails: the copy of your order (immediately after submitting your form online); and the confirm of your request (one working day after, the confirmation mail with your confirmation number and detailed instructions).


If The World Is Mine is not able to confirm the date or time you requested, you will be offered an alternative and your card will not be charged until you approve the alternative.


Cancellation Policy
To cancel or change the order request without penalty, please notify that at The World is Mine by email: within 24 hours.

If you don’t do that, The World is Mine is allowed  to proceed with confirming the order request you made and the non-refundable charge will be billed to your credit card by The World Is Mine.


IMPORTANT: the tickets are absolutely NON-REFUNDABLE. 


Tickets are NOT changeable


Other important information

  • In order to receive the email form The World is Mine, please make sure you insert your email address correctly and check that your anti-spam filter or antivirus are not blocking mails from our address
  • If you do not receive any communication from The World is Mine  within 48 hours from your order request,  please contact immediately The World is Mine at
  • We guarantee we will respond to your request within 48 hours but we cannot be responsible for the correct functioning of your email address. We regret that we will not be liable for any consequences resulting from having been provided the wrong email address.
  • If you would like to book a ticket with less than 3 days notice,  we regret that The World is Mine cannot accept your request. This is because if we email you the voucher and you are unable to receive it or download it or print it, the purchase for these tickets is still absolutely NON-REFUNDABLE, NON-APPLICABLE AND NON-TRANSFERABLE.

The integrated ticket allows you to go directly from the Palazzo Vecchio Museum to the Uffizi Gallery, using the suggestive airstrip that connects the two buildings on via della Ninna. This covered passage is the first section of the famous Vasari Corridor. A genial work, typical of Vasari's inventory and technical expertise, the dizzying covered bridge that with an archway crosses the ancient route of Dogana, today called Ninna, linked in particular the two poles of ducal power.

  • The 14th-century Palazzo Vecchio was the ancient seat of the Republican government of the city.
  • The Uffizi building, which at the time of the realization of the air passage was still under construction, was designed by Vasari himself, was wanted by Cosimo as a bureaucratic seat, and was partially modified by the son of Cosimo, Francesco I, who in 1581 To the gallery its upper floor, laying the foundations of the well-known museum.

The corridor suspended on Ninna Street, used as a private passage also in Lorenzo's era and closed in the 19th century as a result of changes in ownership of the two buildings, is now usable to visit the two museums with one single constraint: book the crossing of the passage and the established time go to his entrance, in the Green Room of Palazzo Vecchio.

From Palazzo Vecchio to Uffizi Gallery

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